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About Gramo
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The money paid out depends on how often your recordings are played on the radio.

You will be paid up to three years after the music has been played on the radio.

How to get money

Money from abroad

When your music is played on radio abroad, you get paid through Gramo. We enter into exchange agreements with our sister organizations around the world.

See which countries you can get money from

Scheduled payments

We pay several times each year.
See our planned payments for 2022.

See planned payments

This is how we calculate the payout

Gramo assigns ISRC

ISRC is the identification number of the recording,
short for International Standard Recording Code.

Learn more about ISRC

Gramo for business

Do you use music audible to your customers and guests?

What you need to do

Help and member service

For help and service, feel free to try our info center or talk to one of our staff.

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