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Create the perfect atmosphere in your company!

With a music agreement from Gramo, you can play music for your customers and guests. At the same time, you follow Norwegian law and can be sure that those who make music get paid.

Approved by
Ministry of Culture

Prices for different industries

Hairdresser and wellness


NOK 1195

to Gramo per year



NOK 2295

to Gramo per year

Food and beverage establishments


NOK 7595

to Gramo per year



NOK 7284

to Gramo per year

Fitness center


NOK 4824

to Gramo per year

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Rockabilly sells timeless clothes inspired by the 40s and 50s, and we want to give the customer the most immersive experience possible of going back to that time. For that reason, there will be a lot of rockabilly, admits Maren Kristiane Solli at Manillusion.

Photo: Lars Andreas Øverli / Paragon Features

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Once you have filled out the information about the company, we create a music agreement with your company.


Your company will receive an invoice from us

The agreement runs until you resign 

You can cancel by sending us written notice on Gramo.

You are in good company

More than 16,000 businesses pay Gramo for their music use

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Use the correct supplier

Do you use a private Spotify subscription in your company?
Unfortunately it is not allowed.

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Gramo and Tono

- does my company have to pay both of them?

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