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About Gramo
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About Gramo

Gramo is an association owned and governed by our 42,000+ members.

Gramo is here for you

Our role is to make sure that artists, musicians and record companies who invest talent, time and money get paid when their recorded music is used on the radio or in the public space.

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Payment for music use

Radio stations, cafés, shops, gyms and others who use music pay us a fee.

Gramo finds out who is entitled to the money

We process play time reports from music users and link these to our database of recordings.

Gramo pays out the money

We pay out the money individually to artists, musicians and the record company that is entitled to money when the recordings are used.

Anchored in Norwegian law

Gramo is approved by the Ministry of Culture, and is anchored in section 1900 of the Copyright Act

Gramo for business

Do you use music audible to your customers and guests?

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